We are a Stickers / Decal design business in Christchurch working with people all over the South Island to fix their decal needs. We provide a range of services including-

- Sticker designs

- Car Clubs decals

- Apparel

- Freelance Graphic / Marketing Designer and much more.


We started DL Designs back in 2017 where Deana noticed a gap in the Christchurch car scene for decals. "We use to have a guy in Christchurch do them, but they were expensive & he stopped shortly after".

After searching for someone who made decals in Christchurch there was none and there was born DL Designs.


We started off small with a simple logo design that she created herself in Photoshop. When 2018 hit we looked at our branding and decided that we needed a change... Finding inspiration for our new logo wasn't hard and soon enough we had our new logo and branding for 2018.


We have lots happening in 2018 so make sure you follow us to keep up to date!!


- Deana Lyons


"There was no one else doing it so I took the opportunity... And the rest is history."
Deana Lyons

Owner & designer. Deana is the founder, owner and designs all our customer decals, websites and our marketing guru. Have you seen her s14 Zenki out on the streets? Deana has advanced knowledge of Adobe products. She is working as a Marketing Manager for a charitable trust.


Cameron Harrold

Cameron helps us install our decals and part of our important advertising team. He will be out at all the track days & drags. Have you seen his Subi wrx out and about? Make sure you hit him up for any decals!


Mitchell Lyons

Mitch is part of our advertising team, He owns a riced out Honda City. Complete with air horns and on the odd occasion neons. Hit him up if you see him driving around.


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